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do you have any tips on drawing hair? [feedly]

do you have any tips on drawing hair?
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tutorial time! i'm very late finishing this but.. tutorial time! okay so I like to draw characters' hairs beginning with a cowlick. in case you've never heard of a cowlick, it's basically a tiny spot where the hair will grow away from. and they show up in random places on the crown of your head, either on top the forehead or somewhere in the back. you could even have two cowlicks! coughs anyway

so make the cowlick your starting point! pick it anywhere on the head, and draw outward 


this also means that any hairline they have will stem off from the cowlick too, but.. eh I'm not really big on drawing hairlines. they're just not wild enough for me



and hairlines! Everyone has some sort of hairline in front of their face! I drew some general hairline shapes, and again they vary amongst everyone 


i'll do wavy and curly hair!

wavy hair's a little tough. with wavy hair, I would still consider starting from a cowlick, and drawing out from that point. wavy hair is very fluid and always has good balance in between each wave

it normally doesn't follow a pattern, but instead follows the direction other strands are going. try not to draw every single strand or group too many strands going in the same direction. just use portions of strands, spacing them out to your preference and paying attention to flow. doing this will make it appear very smoothy smooth and.. fluid!

NOW FOR REALLY CURLY HAIR! curly hair is so voluminous, so thick, and so alive! curly hair is so curly that.. there isn't any clear cowlick to start drawing from! it goes in all sorts of directions and has very wild WILD strands. since curly hair's so thick it holds up its own shape, so start out with the basic outline around the head, and from here uh?? i don't know I just improvise some whacky lines. i find it easier to draw whacky lines continuously over one area, or even all over. the more lines drawn together the more accentuated the thickness is

i think that's about it? anyway I hope this helps! good luck and fight-o!


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