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How to Draw People From Life with Costa Vavagiakis [feedly]


How to Draw People From Life with Costa Vavagiakis
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drawing3 Costa VavagiakisPencil Portraits for Realistic Faces
Learning to draw portraits and figures can be deceptively difficult, but there are few results that are more satisfying than capturing the likeness of a person. And drawing allows for artistic license and methods of imbuing the portrait with the essence of someone that not even a great photograph can capture.

How to Draw a Portrait
Award-winning figure drawing artist Costa Vavagiakis takes portraiture beyond the basics in this figure drawing workshop, with a thorough examination of anatomical features drawing from a live model. Learn how to draw a realistic face through in-depth lessons on using shapes and lines to construct the features. Then, follow along to discover great lessons for drawing the effects of light and shadow on a portrait in profile, place the features and get accurate results in your art.

Great Art Instruction
Vavagiakis is a great instructor, with tons of teaching experience that shows in the organization and clearly presented lessons in this video. You'll love learning and adapting his drawing techniques into your own style. Some of the lessons you'll learn include:

  • vavagiakisportraitfromlifeHow to draw a realistic face and accurate anatomy
  • Using plumb lines and apex points for measuring distance between features
  • Working in graphite and white chalk on toned paper to create the right mood for your subject

See why these reviewers loved learning how to Draw a Portrait from Life:

"Clearly presented instruction throughout…this artist has a unique approach to drawing the portrait, with tips, ideas & pointers that apply across the board for any medium or style." – Anne, review

"Need more from this fellow. he does beautiful work and calmly explains so much as he goes along. Very pleasant concentrated learning from this teacher." – Kathy, review

Start Learning Now
Watch the preview to pick up some drawing tips to get started drawing pencil portraits. Then, head over to for the full-length video, the materials list, to leave reviews, and more!

Check out this gallery of Costa's images or check out his website for more information at

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